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Gear For The Asocial, Introverted And Socially Awkward.

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A bit quiet. Borderline awkward AF. Uber badass.

The world wants us to believe we are crazy or worthless for being shy, quiet or awkward in social situations.   So what if we'd rather run across a busy street blindfolded than have the cable guy milling around in our living room for 30 minutes.  Talk about cringeworthy!  We definitely are unique but beneath the surface beats the heart of a badass.  An intelligent, often times sarcastic, would rather stay home and play with our furbabies, badass.  We are not crazy, just choosy with our words as well as the people we invite into our private bubbles.  Being Unsoshl is a beautiful thing.  

What's going on with Unsoshl?

Happy New Year!

We will be home on New Year's Eve, snuggled in blankets and enjoying old movies.  Here's to a new year of avoiding weird grocery store chats and making new friends.  Ok, THINKING about making new friends.  We are already exhausted.

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Unsoshl Gives Back

Every person deserves to know where their next meal is coming from as well as have access to shelter and clothing to stay warm.  That is why Unsoshl donates 5% of every order to organizations that support our homeless.