5 Reasons why the EXTRA in Extroverts Drives Introverts Crazy!

5 Reason why the EXTRA in Extroverts Drives Introverts Crazy!

Too much talking.

All in my personal space.

Too many in the crowd.

Welcome to the thoughts of an introvert. As an introvert, I often wonder why I am expected to engage in small talk and linger at parties with hundreds of people. I also wonder why extroverts have to be so well...EXTRA. I love people, but I have a difficult time helping my extroverted friends understand how my brain works versus how my heart feels. My brain says stay in and watch Netflix, while my heart says you need friends. So, I wanted to share 5 reasons why introverts think extroverts are EXTRA.

Reason 1: They ask too many questions.

Extroverts are motivated by talking to other people. They get clarity and energy from being engaged in conversations and interactions. They want to know your mother’s name and where you were born and what you think about Puerto Rico and how you like your steak cooked. You know...everything. These questions drain the energy from introverts. Recharging alone away from the interrogating EXTRA-vert makes the introverts happy.

Reason 2: They expect everyone to want to do something all the time.

Contrary to popular belief, introverts do like new adventures. They simply don’t like exploring new activities ALL the time. Extroverts seem to be able to keep going regardless of how many times they’ve gone before. The idea of having a full calendar causes introverts to need a little extra oxygen to maintain their sanity. Introverts don’t need the EXTRA activities to have a full life.

Reason 3: They believe we have NO NEW FRIENDS.

And the lie detector determined that was a LIE. We do have new friends, but we choose to engage with less people on a deeper level than more people on a surface level. Extroverts are known for their ability to juggle many different connections, yet those connections are not often substantial or meaningful. As an introvert, I like to choose my friends like I choose my cars---carefully and based on if they will last. EXTRA-verts have many friends. Introverts have amazing friends.

Reason 4: They believe something is wrong with us.

Peace and quiet works well for us. Introverts can actually spend hours alone. The time they spend alone is used thinking, creating, being an EFFing genius, and relaxing. It’s all good stuff. We aren’t sitting at home crying because an EXTRA-vert didn’t invite us to the party. Many extroverts assume that introverts are sad, lonely beings when, in reality, we are happiest when we are with ourselves.

Reason 5: They share too much too soon.

Introverts want to keep a little mystery in their lives, and so, they do not share every life detail within five minutes of meeting someone. Introverts want to make sure the person they are talking to is important enough to know intimate details about them, so they withhold information until the friendship is more developed. EXTRA-verts can seem to be extremely transparent even to strangers, and that’s not how introverts roll.

Okay, that’s enough for now. I need to go be alone.

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