Let’s Go On a Date: Well, Maybe.

Okay, it’s almost the Day of Hearts, and everyone will be preparing to shower love on you (well that’s if you’re cute---LOL).The magic day of February 14th makes everyone want to do something extra special for us introverts, but truth be told, we kinda want you all to stop it. Wait, we don’t mean stop loving us, we mean stop trying to make us do what everyone else is doing for Valentine’s Day or any other day for that matter.

Now, if you’ve been dating an introvert for a while, you already know the deal. You know that you can’t make us do anything we don’t want to, and we would prefer to have a quiet night of movies, snacks, and minimum interaction. We love who we love, and we don’t need a bunch of hoopla to make it known. That being said, if we don’t care much for your company, we might not tell you outright, but we will be sure to let our actions show you how much we don’t care. I wish I could say that dating an introvert is easy. But, actually, it’s not. It’s not difficult, but I wouldn’t call it easy. It’s, let’s say----complicated. We like people, just not all the time. We love hard, just from afar. We want to spend time with you, just not ALL the time. We desire companionship, and we want you to understand what it’s like to be us.

We really do want to date you. For real.

We really don’t want to do regular ole shit. We hate sitting in crowded restaurants sipping regular ole drinks. Take us somewhere nice, quiet, and UNIQUE. We love unique shit.

We really want to talk to you about something deeper than the weather. We are introverted, not dumb. Can we have philosophical conversations? Can we analyze some intellectual viewpoints, please?

We really don’t hate people, we just don’t like a lot of them around all the time. We don’t want to go to your house and hang with your 15 friends every day. Just not our jam. Make sense? Perfect.

We really do have a nice side. It’s reserved for those we truly care about. We simply don’t give away our heart to anyone. We love hard and that’s special to us. Show us that you can be trusted, and we will love you and show you our nice side.

So, as the season of love approaches, know that dating an introvert is not easy, but it’s worth it. We have a few quirks that make us ingenious AF. We have a few hang-ups that make us unique and eccentric. We have everything you need, you simply have to understand us. That’s all.

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